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  • Are you a planner? You should be! If you plan in ahead and make a successful rent house reservation during this summer, you can claim this discount. Offer: Book for 2013 during this summer, and get 5% off discount, and 10% off if booking for more than 5 days. Terms: Discounts can't be combined, the discount is for one room's price. Activation: Make a rent house... read more

  • Many people have asked us how to claim the 10% off after like us on facebook. Well, we have lots of offers and discounts overtime, this one will last for a long time. We will use this blog as the official source for discounts and promos information among other rent house related information and any official news or announcement regarding vararent. To get the 10% off for... read more

  • After 6 months live serving rent house information and accommodation services in Varadero, we've got lot of traffic for such a website, lots of booking contacts and successful accommodations. Here's an insight of the traffic details for this period. We're getting an average of 100 visitors per month. Initially we got low traffic but a good website always attract people. ... read more

  • Varadero has different centers offering diving services. This small guide list those centers with contact numbers. If you're staying in a rent house, you can ask rent house owners for directions to get there. Varadero offers interesting diving points and it can be a nice experience during your vacations. Also we've partnered with a professional... read more

  • Rent house business has particular challenges and characteristics in Varadero and in Cuba. The reservation generally takes place on site, by phone or over the internet and in many cases using travel agents like Vararent.com. Payment methods like credit card or online payment are very restricted in Cuba for private use so rent house owners has limited ways to charge the guests the... read more

  • The transports available in Cuba for travel: buses, rent a car, taxis, bicycles or any other, the best ways to travel between cities, recommendations, pros and cons and usual prices from common destinations from Varadero are discussed in this guide. Roads and highways in Cuba Cuba is a long island east-west oriented; in the 30's a central road was built to connect all... read more

  • Visiting Cuba can be a fun, memorable and challenging experience. Where should stay the thousands of tourists which come every year from different parts of the world? Stay in a rent house or in a Hotel? Sometimes the lack of public knowledge or tips about Cuba makes them take less-better decisions. This guide discusses some approaches tourists can take to stay at Cuba. Tourism... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Cuba Communications: Cell Phones, Land Lines and Internet Services guide of May 2014 for updated information. You may have heard about the real restrictions on communications with the exterior in Cuba. The country has peculiar regulations for the usage of communications. These restrictions are been relaxing and... read more

  • Currency exchange in Cuba can be a challenge for new visitors, the country has two different currencies at the same time, tourists have to change their currency into the one authorized in the country, and exchange rates can be a bit difficult to understand for newcomers. This guide explains the currencies usable in Cuba, exchange rates to mayor world currencies, where and how to... read more