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Rent House Description and Details Page


This guide is out of date, please refer to the Rent house description, features, reviews and other details guide for updated information.

When locating the perfect rent house for your vacations at Varadero, you always review the rent house details page looking for all characteristics of the house like equipped kitchen, number of bedrooms, if air conditioner and other details. Some people have problems understanding the meaning of each property. This guide describes each rent house property and the meaning of each available values.

Rent House Description and Details

To clarify rent house descriptions and details we use some highlight boxes on each rent house page, which are more explained on the rent house tab details. We recommended reading all the details before booking in a rent house so you can be sure if that's what you want and also read and understand the Tips and Tricks for a Successful Varadero Rent House Reservation guide.

Here is a summary and explanations of each highlight box on the rent house page:

Bedrooms: Qty. of rent house bedrooms

Price: Price in CUC per room

Beds: Qty. of available beds in the house

View: The main view, could be "Beach View", "Street View"

  • Beach View: The beach is at least less than 50 m and can be seen from the house.
  • Street View: The beach is at more than 100 m and you can see the street (could be the main or not) from the rent house. In some cases the rent house has the number of the street view, for ex.: "44 St."

Occupancy: Max guest acceptable by the owners because the house is prepared just for that capacity and no more

Privacy: Type of rent house privacy ("Entire and Private Rent Houses", "Entire Rent Houses with Owners" or "Private rooms") read more about the rent houses privacy options.

Kitchen: The rent house can have a kitchen with only an electrical or gas cooker, "Pantry", "Full Equipped" or "Non-Full equipped". If is not in the highlight box is because it doesn't have a kitchen or it says "None" or "NO Kitchen".

  • Pantry: Only a space with a fridge or mini-bar, and a kitchen sink (maybe an electrical cooker or a microwave)
  • Non-Full Equipped: A kitchen space with fridge, electrical or gas cooker, some kitchen tools for prepare some simple meals
  • Full equipped: A kitchen space with fridge, electrical or gas cooker, rice cooker, blender, oven or microwave, and all the kitchen tools to prepare all kinds of meals.

Minimum Stay: The owners demand a minimum stay to rent their house

Retainer: If the retainer is required you must pay the first day to rent the house (for more information consult the Ensuring your reservation: pay the first day retainer or not? guide)

Bellow the highlight boxes are the "Details", "Photos", "Reviews" and the "Availability and Booking" tabs of the rent house:

  • Details: The same of the highlight boxes but very detailed and more information about the rent house selected
  • Photos: Rent house photos 100% accurate, most of them were taken by our travel agents and the others were submitted by the rent house owner himself
  • Reviews: Reviews made by guest and by us as travel agents
  • Availability and Booking: The Availability and Booking form that allows you to contact us with the information to rent a house


  • In the rent house description and details you can find important information that allows you decide which rent house select
  • There are 3 types of kitchen in a rent house you must know if you are planning spend time cooking or not when rent a house: "Pantry", 'Equipped" or "Full Equipped" kitchen
  • Be sure to see all the photos, read and understand all the details and description to select the proper rent house for your vacations in Varadero.
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