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Rent House Description, Features, Reviews and other details

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No guests should book in a house without a previous description, features, pictures and all the information you need to know in order to be comfortable and have a wonderful vacations, that is not wise. You can trust in the owners and the travel agent but you need to check every rent house detail, including pictures and other guests reviews, so you can make the correct choice.

In vararent we try to put all possible details of a rent house, you can see at every rent house page all the information available.

Some people have problems understanding the meaning of each property. This guide describes each rent house property and the meaning of each available values at the rent house page.

The Rent House Page

Every rent house has a page where all the information is shown. You just need to click in the rent house you are interested to go to the rent house page.

Once you are in the rent house page, you will find at a side of the house gallery a brief resume of the rent house details.

Rent House Summary

This area is important because you will find all the basic information of the rent house:

Rent Type: The type of rent of the property. It can be: Private room, Entire House or Entire/Private. For more information about the rent type, please refer to the Cuba Rent House Privacy Options guide.

Minimum Stay: The owners demand a minimum stay to rent their house.

Total rooms: Qty. of available bedrooms in the rent house.

Sleeps: Maximum guest acceptable by the owners because the house is prepared just for that number and no more guests.

Beds: Qty. and types of available beds in the house. For bed sizes we use the Standard North American sizes and terminology.

  • Single (39 in x 75 in)
  • Full size bed (54 in x 75 in)
  • Queen size bed (60 in x 80 in)
  • King size bed (76 in x 80 in)

Bathrooms: Qty. of available bathrooms

Kitchen: Type of kitchen the rent house or room has.

  • Full Equipped Kitchen: space with fridge, electrical or gas cooker, rice cooker, blender, oven or microwave (this can be optional), coffee maker (some of them with the modern one, but usually is a Cuban…read more.
  • Partially Equipped Kitchen: space with fridge, electrical or gas cooker, rice cooker (optional), oven or microwave (optional), coffee maker… read more.
  • Pantry: space with fridge or mini-bar kitchen sink electrical cooker (optional) microwave (optional)…read more.
  • No Kitchen: No kitchen available for guests in the rent house.

View: The rent house main view, could be "Beach View" (for rent houses in beach zones), "Street View" and others.

Rent House Image Gallery

The pictures of the rent house is the first thing you see when you are in the rent house page. You will find an explanation of the photos so you can have an idea of the house.

Note: Rent House Photos are 100% accurate (to the day they were taken). Photos are taken in-place by our travel agents or provided by the rent house owner itself. Look for the Vararent Verified symbol over the photos which guarantees a travel agent have verified the rent house photo. Please read more about the Vararent Verified symbol in our related blog post.

Tabs with the rest of the information


These tabs contain the rest of the rent house information, including the Availability and steps to make a booking.

  • The “Description” tab: Full description of the rent house. This information is provided by rent house owners and confirmed by our travel agent directly in the rent house or by phone.
  • The “Features” tab: Usually the description contain all the features detailed, so in this tab you will find a summary of the rent house features. The features marked with the wingding symbol means the rent house has it.
  • The “Review” tab: Reviews made by guest and by our travel agents.
  • The “House Rule” tab: Specific rules from a particular rent house. Owners are the one who make the rules, some rent houses has specific rules detailed in this section. If a rent house doesn’t have rules in this tab doesn’t mean it don’t have it. Please feel free to ask for specific rule you may be interested to know.
  • The “Availability” tab: It show the steps to continue with the rent house booking. Due to the characteristics of Cuban communications, is very hard for rent house owners to keep updated availability information in a website. Our travel agents do that for you once you make a booking.

You will also find at the bottom of the description a note that said when was the last update for the rent house description, pictures and/or other details.

The Booking Form

Booking form

The Booking form allows you to contact us with the information to rent a house.

Meet the Owners Picture

This is a picture from the owners. It is great to know your host!

If this widget doesn’t appear it mean the rent house owners didn’t provide a picture of themselves.

Near Rent Houses

At the right side, below the booking form or the rent house owners picture you will find the rent houses near the one you are viewing. These near rent houses are in the same block usually.

If this widget doesn’t appear it mean the rent house don’t have other rent houses near it.

TripAdvisor Review Widget

TripAdvisor widget that show last three views made by other guests.

If this widget doesn’t appear it mean the rent house is not listed on TripAdvisor or we haven’t receive the information to show this widget.


  • In the rent house description and details page you can find important information that allows you decide which rent house select.
  • The rent house summary shows: Rent Type, Minimum Stay, Total rooms, Sleeps, Beds, Bathroom, Kitchen and View.
  • The rent house tab shows: Description, Features, Review, House Rule and Availability.
  • If an information is not shown it may be because the owners have not provide it.
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