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Restaurants with vegetarian dishes in Varadero

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In Cuba there is no culture of vegetarian food and there aren’t specialized restaurants in that kind of meals because the Cuban likes eat meats, fishes, eggs, etc. The salads are always presents in the traditional Cuban food (If you want know more about Cuban Traditional Food check the section what to eat?), but isn’t common the vegetarian life style, that is why you can’t find restaurants specialized in vegetarian dishes.

However you can always buy the ingredients and if you are in a rent house with cooking allowed you can prepare you own plates. Or you can ask the owners if you are in a rent house with breakfast and meals services to prepare you some vegetarian food.

There are some restaurants in Varadero specialized in different kind of meals and the salad is always present in all of theirs menus, but there is none dedicated only to vegetarian food. Check the guide 27 Restaurants to visit in Varadero.

Yet there are certain restaurants that have in their menus some vegetarian dish:

Restaurant Lai Lai: Chinese food, where most of plates are made with vegetables.
Avenida Primera y Calle 18
Tel: (+53 45) 667793

Restaurant Mallorca: Vegetable Paellas.
Avenida 1ra. e/ Calle 61 y Calle 62
Tel: (+53 45) 667746

Restaurant El Retiro: Rice, vegetables, mushrooms… Posibility to prepare vegetarian plates.
Parque Josone, Ave. 1ra. y 59
Tel: (045) 667224, ext. 102

Restaurant La Fondue (Casa del Queso): Cheese Salad.
1ra. Avenida y e/ Calle 62 y 64.
Tel: (+53 45) 667747

Restaurant La Campana: Plates with vegatbles.
Parque Josone, Ave. 1ra. y 59
Tel: (+53 45) 667224, ext. 104

Restaurants of Italian food: salads and vegetables pizzas…

Restaurant Casa de la Miel
Ave. 1ra. e/ 25 y 26
Tel: (+53 45) 667736

Restaurant Castell Nuovo
1ra. Avenida y Calle 11.
Tel: (+53 45) 667786

Restaurant Pizza Caribe Dársena
Dársena Varadero
Tel: (+53 45) 667666

Restaurant Pizza Nova Plaza América
Centro de Convenciones Plaza América
Tel: (+53 45) 668181 ext. 344

Restaurant Dante
Parque Josone, Ave. 1ra. y 59
Tel: (+53 45) 667224, ext. 103

Restaurant Casa del Chef
Calle 12 esq. 1ra. Ave.
Tel: (+53 45) 613606

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