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Travelling in Viazul

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As tourist Cuba gives you different ways to travel and know the island, from fancy car to bicycles. If you still don’t know about transportation in Cuba you can check the guide Transport in Cuba and Varadero.

The buses enterprise that you should use is Viazul, it provides you security, comfort and low prices.

The Cuban residents can also use Viazul, although there is a bus net for Cubans named ASTRO which has more accessible prices for Cubans. However tourist can’t use ASTRO.

In this guide you will find:

  • Viazul, the cheaper way to travel
  • Viazul offices addresses
  • Prices
  • Comparison between transport mediums.
  • Resume

Viazul, the best and cheaper way to travel

Viazul net has offices all over the country, so is very easy to buy a ticket from where you are.

The buses have the needed comfort to travel: conditioning air, comfortable seats, WC, music, and a warm and hygienic environment. During the travel there are stops in cafeterias where you can stretch your legs, by some liquid and eat something.

Viazul also offer good prices, cheaper compared to other transports ways between cities. By traveling in bus you are in touch with peoples like you, same interest. You also have the security and calm that you are traveling with experimented drivers and you don’t have to worry on how to arrive some destination. For more information visit the Viazul website.

Viazul Office Addresses

Viazul offices are usually near the bus stations in all cities.

In Varadero you can find it in 36 Street and Highway (Calle 36 y Autopista) where is located the Varadero Bus Station.

Phone Number: (+53 45) 614886

There are other offices like INFOTUR where you can by tickets to travel using Viazul. You can check the Infotur website for more information.


In the next table you can check the destinations from Varadero and prices.

FROM Departure Time TO Arrival Time Price* (CUC)
V 8:00 Ciudad Habana 11:10 10
11:35 Ciudad Habana 14:45 10
A 3:30 Ciudad Habana 18:25 10
6:00 Ciudad Habana 21:15 10
R 9:30 Ciudad Habana 00:40 10
8:15 Trinidad 14:25 20
A 8:15 Santa Clara 11:35 11
21:45 Santa Clara 00:50 11
D 8:15 Cienfuegos 12:50 16
21:45 Santiago de Cuba 12:30 49
E 21:45 Colón 23:20 6
21:45 Sancti Spíritus 2:15 17
R 21:45 Ciego de Ávila 3:35 19
21:45 Camagüey 5:30 25
O 21:45 Las Tunas 7:45 33
21:45 Holguín 9:00 38
21:45 Bayamo 10:20 42

*Children pay the half of the Price wherever they go.

Comparison between transport mediums

Detail in Viazul in Rented Car in Taxi
Price Low prices (from10* - 49 CUC) Car insurance + days to rent (minimum 60 -70 CUC per day) High Prices (from 50 CUC and on)
Speed Slow travel Is up to the driver, but is fast Medium
Safety High. Duet the driver experience Medium.
Depending of the driver
High. Duet the driver experience.
Hygiene Good Good (depending of the travelers) Good
Comfort High High High
Movement Freedom Low. Closed and tied schedules High.
Depending on the travelers desire
Medium. A reservation is also needed, but more personalized
Enjoying the view During the travel and the bus stops you can appreciate the beautiful Cuban views You can make an stop wherever you want and enjoy the view During the travel and stops you can appreciate the beautiful Cuban views but you must pay a fee for it
Other Is not necessary know the route to get the destination safe Is important and necessary know the route to get your destination, or the travel may be complex and hard Is not necessary know the route to get the destination safe

*The minimum prices are related with the minimum distance to travel, which is from Varadero to Havana.

Tip: If this is the first time you travel to Cuba use Viazul to know the routes and save some money.


  • Viazul is the buses used by tourist to travel between cities.
  • The Viazul offices are all over the cities and generally near the city main bus stations.
  • Viazul buses offer conditioning air, WC, TV, comfortable seats.
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