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  • Learn basics Spanish phrases and words to express yourself during your vacations in Varadero. If you're an English speaker, French speaker or other non-Spanish speaker, this Spanish Phrasebook will help you communicate your immediate needs while you stay in Varadero. Many rent house owners speak English, and some speaks very basic English but they can effectively communicate the basic... read more

  • We provide free Rent House Accommodation Service in Varadero, Havana, Santa Clara, Viñales, Trinidad and other popular destinations in Cuba, we locate a rent house for you at NO COST at all. Our travel agents live in Varadero, Habana, and Santa Clara and over the years have got a list of great Varadero rent houses, Habana rent houses, Santa Clara rent houses and other... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Cuba Rent House Privacy Options guide for updated information. There are different privacy options for Varadero Rent Houses you must know when start and planning the reservation process. In Varadero exist more than 100 legal rent houses which allows not only Cubans but also tourist from other countries. In many... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Rent house description, features, reviews and other details guide for updated information. When locating the perfect rent house for your vacations at Varadero, you always review the rent house details page looking for all characteristics of the house like equipped kitchen, number of bedrooms, if air conditioner and... read more

  • Paying the first day of the reservation is a tool and best practice used among rent house owners to make a commitment between the guest and the rent house owner and to make a warranty they will keep the reservation. When you make a reservation it’s verbally confirmed, and upon your arrival the rent house is free waiting for you. Sometimes the guest fails to come in the agreed... read more

  • Rent house business has particular challenges and characteristics in Varadero and in Cuba. The reservation generally takes place on site, by phone or over the internet and in many cases using travel agents like Vararent.com. Payment methods like credit card or online payment are very restricted in Cuba for private use so rent house owners has limited ways to charge the guests the... read more

  • Visiting Cuba can be a fun, memorable and challenging experience. Where should stay the thousands of tourists which come every year from different parts of the world? Stay in a rent house or in a Hotel? Sometimes the lack of public knowledge or tips about Cuba makes them take less-better decisions. This guide discusses some approaches tourists can take to stay at Cuba. Tourism... read more

  • Looking for a rent house? Rent room? Or rent an apartment in Varadero, Habana, Santa Clara, Trinidad, Viñales, or any other popular destination in Cuba? You’re in the right website. We provide a list of rent houses available in Varadero, rent houses in Habana, rent houses in Santa Clara, rent houses in Trinidad, rent houses in Viñales, and other destinations. Just browse the... read more