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Ana & Guille Varadero Rent House

Rent House in Varadero
Entrance to the house, garden
Ana & Guille
Rent Type Private Room ?
Minimum Stay 2 Nights
Total Rooms 2
Sleeps 4
Beds 2 (1 Queen, 1 Full)
Bathrooms 2
Kitchen Partially Equipped ?
View Street


Ana and Guille's House is one block and a half from the beach and they rent a private room, so it can be ideal for a couple or one person.

It has independent entrance, a dining room, a private bathroom and two beds (one queen and one full).

The small room, for 2 guests, is at $30 CUC and the bigger room, for 3 guests, at $35 CUC per night.

The owners offer breakfast and meals services, for an additional price. You can also use the phone.

In this rent house you will have privacy and safety in a centric zone in Varadero.

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Free Parking
Air Conditioning
Hot and Cold Water
Breakfast and Meals ?
Smoking Allowed
Handicap Accessible
Family/Kids Friendly ?

House Rules

This rent house only admits up to 4 persons including guests (adults and children) and visitors. Please consider this rule before making your reservation. Failing to adhere to this rule can result in the cancelation of your reservation without refund at the discretion of the rent house owner.


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$35/room ?
1 room @ $35 per night x 1 night $35
Reservation Total $35
To Pay On-Line NOW ? $0
First Day Retainer ? $35
Total Payable on Arrival ? $0

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