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Guides For Rent House Guests

  • The General Customs of the Republic is the entity that elaborates and enforces the dispositions related to regulations, restrictions and special requirements applicable to imports and exports for economic, environmental, sanitary, patrimonial and public protection. From September the 1st, 2014 new laws related to imports and exports will be... read more

  • The restrictions of communications from Cuba to the rest of the world are still very limited. Although the Cuban government has made some small changes in mobile rates and internet connections, the restrictions are still very palpable and the people cannot easily access to the internet. All of the communications are handed by ETECSA, the Cuban telecommunications company.... read more

  • All airport in Cuba belongs to the Cuban Airport and Aeronautical Service enterprise (ECASA S.A.). This entity gives airport services and other kind specialized to national and international lines, regular or charters, publics or privates. This guide shows all available international airports in Cuba, description, its location, contact information,... read more

  • Each year Cuba receive lot of tourists in different popular destinations like Varadero, Habana, Santa Clara, and other cities. Some guests arrive for the first to Cuba and decide to stay in a Hotel because they don’t know the advantages to rent out a house or a room, some guests without previous planning arrive to their destination and star looking for a place to stay and others... read more

  • No guests should book in a house without a previous description, features, pictures and all the information you need to know in order to be comfortable and have a wonderful vacations, that is not wise. You can trust in the owners and the travel agent but you need to check every rent house detail, including pictures and other guests reviews, so you can make the correct... read more

  • Usually when someone in Cuba talk about rent, they refer to a private room (s) from an apartment or a house, sometimes the owners rent a private room within a home or apartment and sometimes (less common) an entire home (whether is apartment or house). In vararent we define all spaces as “rent houses” and specify in the house description if... read more

  • Learn basics Spanish phrases and words to express yourself during your vacations in Varadero. If you're an English speaker, French speaker or other non-Spanish speaker, this Spanish Phrasebook will help you communicate your immediate needs while you stay in Varadero. Many rent house owners speak English, and some speaks very basic English but they can effectively communicate the basic... read more

  • The Hop-on Hop-off Bus is the only bus services in Varadero for tourists. It has two destinations: one from Varadero to Varadero, and the other from Varadero to Matanzas. If you are in a rent house, this could be a great option to know and enjoy Varadero views. You can also use other transportation mediums in Varadero. Check the Transport in Cuba and... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Cuba Rent House Privacy Options guide for updated information. There are different privacy options for Varadero Rent Houses you must know when start and planning the reservation process. In Varadero exist more than 100 legal rent houses which allows not only Cubans but also tourist from other countries. In many... read more