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Where to go in Varadero

Walking Varadero

The shape of the peninsula makes it easy to walk and to know where you are. The peninsula is long and slim; the entrance is for a bridge which continues with the Varadero's highway. Parallel to the highway there are 3 avenues: Beach Avenue (facing the north-west coast and the beach), 1st avenue (Main Avenue), 2nd avenue and 3rd avenue. Given the irregularities of the peninsula, these avenues may cross each other or are cut, except for 2nd avenue in the entire town and the highway in the entire peninsula.

Streets are perpendicular to the avenues, they ordered numerically starting after the bridge and increasing by 1.

You can walk Varadero by foot, and that’s a nice experience that can take half of the day or the entire one, you will find lots of small businesses selling crafts and paintings. You can also take a horse car, an old car taxi or the Varadero bus, refer to the Transport in Cuba and Varadero guide for more details.


There are a lot of restaurants in Varadero and places to eat, starting from the very beginning of the peninsula with thematic restaurants up to specialized ones in hotels through the entire peninsula. Most of the popular places to eat are located near the main avenue. Restaurants are an excellent place to go while in Varadero. Please read more in the Varadero Restaurants Guides: 27 Restaurant to visit in Varadero and Restaurants with vegetarian dishes in Varadero where you will find a few of them we consider a good option for you.


A paladar is a private dinning business in Cuba, they exists since early 90’s and are having a strong force now days. There are some good paladars at this moment in Varadero where you can eat traditional cook and a lot to be opened. This is exactly like a restaurant but driven by an individual, not the government as everything in the country. If looking for a nice place to satay a while and buy decent, traditional, well cooked food we recommend passing by a paladar and give it a try.

Josone Park

This natural park is located at 60 Street, in the Varadero town. This is a quiet and green environment to spend an afternoon. It has animals, a restaurant, a bar, a small lake with boats and ducks. Many people come here for a peaceful moment in a hot summer afternoon. We recommend Josone Park for a small family or a couple.

Varadero Museum

A museum is always welcome when you’re visiting a foreign country; it’s located in the 58 Street and offers interesting historic information fur history lovers. It has old photos, celebrities who have passed for Varadero. You will surprise yourself when you see Varadero in its very beginnings.


The Santa Elvira Church is located in the 48 street, for visitors who want to find Church while in their vacations, this one is easy to find and any local people can guide you where it is. There is another church in 10 street.

Bacunayagua Bridge

In the way to Varadero from Havana, before getting to Matanzas City the Bacunayagua Bridge offers a pause for tourists to admire the Cuban classic landscape with palms, mountains, and the Yumury valley. When coming to Varadero don’t miss this stop to take a drink and admire the landscape for a while.


The geological structure is Matanzas and Varadero favors the formation of caves. There are large caves like Bellamar Caves in Matanzas province, a trip to the caves can be enjoying, there is a restaurant near the caves and a guide takes you through the tour. Other cave in the way from Varadero International Airport: the Caves of Saturn (Cuevas de Saturno) is a nice place to stop for a drink and swim in a small water formation inside the cave.

Ciénaga de Zapata

In the Matanzas province, the Ciénaga de Zapata zone, located at the south coast of the island, offers different attractions. This is a swamped zone by nature, an ecological reserve filled with wild life. It’s very good for diving. It has other historical attractions like Playa Girón, the place where Cuba was invaded in 1963. We recommend one day of tour for the Ciénaga to enjoy their attractions.

Havana City

One of the main attractions and destinations in Cuba is Havana city, the capital. Thousands of people comes every year to Havana to visiting and be in touch with Cuban culture. The trip to Havana is almost mandatory for any visitor in Cuba. We recommend visiting Old Havana Centre, to meet a colonial architecture, the Morro Castle at the entrance of the bay, walking for Malecón, visiting the modern Havana, take the Habana bus tour, visit the Cigar Museum etc. Refer to the upcoming guide: Tour in Havana City for more information.

Trinidad City

Trinidad is one of the first villages founded by Spanish conquerors. It’s located in the center of Cuba near Cienfuegos at the south. A trip to Trinidad can be very enjoying, the ancient and well-preserved constructions, the old roads, the architecture and the landscape makes it a good lifetime memory. We recommend this trip in one day or two. There are rent houses in Trinidad as well with a colonial style.