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Spa & Massage Services

Vararent also offer you a way to relax and let go all the stress from your trip, anxiety or even loneliness.

Let us know how we can help you to ease your mind and relax your body by searching here which service from our Spa & Massage partners you would like to use, we will arrange an appointment and we will even get a discount coupon for you!

Check here all available Spa & Massage center in Cuba, first find your location, then locate which service you would like to use and click in the "fix me an appointment" button, we will arrange it for you, but feel free to ask any doubts about the service you are requesting.

Habana | Varadero

Habana: O2 SPA

A clime where emerge feeling we thought were forgotten or unable to experience, where we make time
to breathe, to oxygenate us, a place to share, to make us beautiful, to reduce stress... You can choose from natural treatments for beauty, boost your energy in the gym, relax with massages or enjoy the sauna.

Located at: 26 Street No.5 Street 26B Corner. Nuevo Vedado, La Habana, Cuba

(All facials include ozone steam)

Facial Purity • Microdermabrasion with Diamond Point • Face and Body Hair Removal • Cryotherapy • Chromotherapy • Mask Treatments • Anti-aging treatment with creams • Nourishing Treatments • Acne Treatments


Personalized training and nutrition tips


Interactive music and led lights


Pilates and yoga • Aerobics • Classics • Zumba • Self Defense • Tae - Box • Other



Therapeutic massage • Reductive Massage • Hot stone massage • Lymphatic Massage • Hydrotherapy • Mud • Massage Nuad bo ram (Thai) • Shiatsu Massage - do • Paraffin


Cutting and styling • Treatments for scalp conditions • Relaxing treatments with Capillary Massages • Dyes and Lighting • Change of Color (including black) • Decurl (for all hair types) • Cold Wave • Keratin Treatments • Extensions • Hairstyles (for weddings and fifteen birthdays) • Lashes • Makeup


Hand and foot massage • Podiatry • Hardening Treatments, bleaching and shatterproof • Acrylic Nails • Permanent Polish

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