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Varadero Newcomers Guides

New to Varadero, Habana, Santa Clara, Trinidad or any other popular destination in Cuba? In this site you will find helpful guides and tips that will guide you for your vacations in Cuba.

Review our list of guides to Cuba Visitors. Check out the questions section to find answer to common questions you may have such as:

  • What's a rent house?
  • Why rent houses exist?
  • Why not book a hotel?
  • May I pay in US Dollar, Euro or other currencies in Cuba?
  • How can I make my trip less expensive?
  • etc...

Use the Guides categories above to filter guides according to your criteria. Also be sure to review the rent houses section for a list of existing rent houses in Varadero or rent houses in Habana, rent houses in Santa Clara or any other destination where you can book for your stay.

If this is your first time to Varadero and Cuba, we recommend to start by reading the things you can do once you arrive, where you can go, what can you eat in Cuba in general. Then start reading our guides according to the information you're looking for, we recommend: