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Things to do in Varadero

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The Beach

The beach is most attractive thing to do in Varadero for beach lovers. For many people Varadero beach is one of the best beaches in Cuba. The entire north-west coast of the peninsula has a fine and white sand, the tropical beach has calm, dream turquoise and clear water, even in January the water is warm for a bath. Beach is ideal for swimming, water sports and beach volleyball or other games and especially for sun baths. Sunsets are amazing given the beach location. Varadero's large and slim shape makes enjoyable to walk by the entire beach line. The long beach has coco palms and other vegetation with plenty of sand between the vegetation and the water, ideal for play in the sand, or relax under the vegetation. During summer the beach gets busy with lots of people enjoying it. Few sellers walk the beach with variety of products and offers. Beach has wonderful lifewards. In certain days with beach has medium waves for surfers. Varadero beach is a remarkable lifetime memory.

The Varadero Beach resume:

  • one of the best in Cuba
  • amazing sunsets
  • fine white sand
  • crystal blue water, warm all the year
  • great for swimming and water sports
  • coast line with coco palms
  • great for relaxing
  • busy on summer


There are some tours available from Hotels in Varadero, we're covering only a few tours here (Check the Tours & Guides service for more information).

City Tour, old vintage car, guidance through different attraction: caves, bars, Matanzas city, valley, river, snorkeling, swimming, dance show... great tour.

Havana History Day Tour, very informative about Cuba's life and stuffs, guided by some prepared people you will know interesting aspects about Cubans and Cuba history, and will visit interesting places in Havana: Old & Modern Havana, Historic Centre, the Havana Cathedral, Colon Cemetery, Revolution Square etc.

Tropicana Tour: Tropicana is the most famous cabaret in Cuba, as a Varadero visitor you can visit Tropicana Cabaret in Havana and in Matanzas, be prepared for an artistic and authentic dance production with exotic Cuban elements.

Cienfuegos Trinidad Tour: this tour is a trip to the Cienfuegos city and to Trinidad city, one of the first villages founded by the Spanish conquerors, this is like a travel in time to an extraordinary ancient town and other attractions.

Safari Cayo Blanco: in this key you can take catamaran excursion, snorkeling in a coral barrier, meal, music and other entertainments, this is an exciting excursion.

Delfinario Varadero: the dolphins show and swimming with dolphins can be a fun experience especially for kids, you can visit it by going to its location, no need to book in a hotel for it.

Tours resume:

  • City Tour
  • Havana Visit
  • Tropicana Tour
  • Trinidad Tour
  • Cayo Blanco Tour
  • Delfinario Varadero Excursion

Diving and Snorkeling

Diving lovers have a change of cool diving in Varadero or in the Bay of Pigs at the south of Matanzas province. Temperature is excellent for diving all the year. There are good spots and diving destinations in Varadero or other related locations. When searching for sports for diving ask for Punta Perdiz in Bay of Pigs, Cueva los Peces, Neptuno Cave and Playa Coral.

At vararent we've partnered with professional diving instructors and underwater photographers. Check our Snorkeling and underwater photo packages for more information. Also The Chapelín, Puertosol Dársena de Varadero and Marina Gaviota offers all the means for scuba diving: trained personal, vessels, transportation, classes etc.


Cuba is famous for his cigars. If you're at Varadero, buying and enjoying cigars is a must. It's strongly recommended to buy cigars from government authorized stores to get authentic ones, there is a risk of buying replicas or fakes if you buy from people out there, but some of those vendors may give authentic ones, if you're an expert you will tell. You are authorized to carry up to 50 units back to your country.

Staying in Varadero

You can stay in Varadero in a Hotel or in a Rent House, please read the Rent Houses VS Hotels guide to know about the main pros and cons of both approaches. Visit the list of rent houses available and pick the one of your choice for your stay in Varadero.


Varadero is excellent at night, there a lot of discos and cabarets. The Music House (Casa de la Música) in Ave Playa and 43 street is a cultural Center for music lovers. Other discos available in Varadero: Cabaret Continental at the Varadero International Hotel (Hotel Internacional). Disco Mambo Club in Hotel Aguas Azules. La Rumba. Cabaret La Cueva del Pirata. Disco Havana Club at Hotel Palma
Real. Disco and Karaoke La Comparcita at 60 street. Refer to the upcoming guide Varadero Nightlife Guide.


There are lots of things to do in Varadero, you can visit the Josone Park, a natural park wonderful to spend an afternoon, this is a quiet place like an oasis in the middle of Varadero, with animals, boat trip, music, dinning, and drinks. Horse Riding can be fun, but as a beach resort, this attraction is not popular. Classic Cars from the 50's, American style, still runs in Cuba, many with original engine and accessories; for an old car lover this may be a funny experience, to get a tour around Varadero in one of those preserved cars. Al Capone's beach house in Varadero, now converted in a restaurant, is open for visiting. Souvenirs, in Varadero you can find a lot of places selling all kind of hand-made artisan, paintings, clothes, earrings, and a wide variety of objects; walking Varadero for visiting such places located at both sides of the main avenue can be a nice walk and experience. Caves are an attraction to many people, there are some caves available for visiting: Ambrosio Cave, Neptuno Cave, Bellamar Caves etc. The Bacunayagua Bridge is located in the road from Matanzas to Havana, it crosses the Yumury valley and is a nice stop while on the move through this road