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  • Each year Cuba receive lot of tourists in different popular destinations like Varadero, Habana, Santa Clara, and other cities. Some guests arrive for the first to Cuba and decide to stay in a Hotel because they don’t know the advantages to rent out a house or a room, some guests without previous planning arrive to their destination and star looking for a place to stay and others... read more

  • Varadero receives lots of guests in rent houses every day, many of them just arrive at Varadero and then start looking an available rent house, while others who plan in advance look for an online reservation in specialized reservation websites like vararent. Making online rent house reservation for Varadero or Cuba could be a very successful experience or a very disappointing one,... read more

  • Locating the rent house you want to stay during your vacations is just the start. After your request we start our day-to-day process making your reservation happens. In this guide we explain how this process works so you have a clear understanding of where are your reservation process and what’s next. 1- You Locate a Rent House in this Web Site ... read more

  • Paying the first day of the reservation is a tool and best practice used among rent house owners to make a commitment between the guest and the rent house owner and to make a warranty they will keep the reservation. When you make a reservation it’s verbally confirmed, and upon your arrival the rent house is free waiting for you. Sometimes the guest fails to come in the agreed... read more

  • Rent house business has particular challenges and characteristics in Varadero and in Cuba. The reservation generally takes place on site, by phone or over the internet and in many cases using travel agents like Vararent.com. Payment methods like credit card or online payment are very restricted in Cuba for private use so rent house owners has limited ways to charge the guests the... read more