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How the Rent House Reservation Process Works Without the First Day Retainer

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With the first day retainer you ensure your reservation and don’t take the risk to lose it. However duet to other situations like few days before the reservation to make the payment, we have decide to process (*) these kind of reservations too. In this case we cannot ensure your reservation 100%, but it is up to you to continue or not, we will do what is on our hands to help you and owners to ensure the reservation.

How works a reservation without the first day retainer?

This process is similar to the usual Reservation Process except for the step where you pay the first day retainer (step 6). To learn more please read How the Rent House Reservation Process Works guide.

  1. You locate a Rent House in this Web Site: Varadero rent houses, Habana rent houses, Trinidad rent houses, Viñales rent houses or any other popular destination in Cuba.
  2. You make your reservation (Booking contact) filling the rent house reservation form at the right side of the rent house description
  3. You receive our Acknowledge that we’ve read your reservation contact
  4. We Check Availability for you
  5. If the rent house is Available we notify you about the availability, and wait for your final decision to continue or not with the reservation
  6. If you decide not to pay the first day retainer we will let the owners know and if they are fine with this they will confirm your reservation
  7. If rent house are fine without the first day retainer, your reservation is confirmed
  8. We update your reservation documents with the rest of the information

IMPORTANT: Call the owners directly at least 3 or 4 days before your arrival to confirm once again you will be arriving at the agreed date and time. If you don’t call them you may lose your reservation.

Please understand owners lose more than you if you decide not to come, or change to another rent house, etc. If owners don’t feel safe about the verbal confirmation previously made because they haven’t heard from you in a while they will be tempted to accept other reservations that gave them more security, for example those with the first day retainer.

However if you call them or email them once you receive your confirmation reservation document AND also 3-4 days before your arrival they will feel safe and will guarantee the rent house for you.

Vararent recommend to pay the first day retainer to ensure your reservation 100%. Vararent is not responsible if:

  • guest fails to come in the agreed date, changes or cancel the reservation or you do not come for any reason,
  • rent house owner takes another guest before the arrival because of some unexpected change with the previous reservation, and extension of the existing one or other reason.

For more information about the challenges and problems with rent houses please read Rent Houses Rules and Code of Honor.

Tips for a Successful Rent House Reservation

  • Try to make your reservation at least one month before your arrival.
  • Pay the first day retainer fee since this creates a commitment from both parties.
  • If don’t pay the first retainer call owners once you receive the rent house information and at least 3-4 days before your arrival to let them know you are committed to the reservation.
  • Arrive on time the agreed date.
  • Try to keep your schedule and in case you have to change it, notify the change in a timely manner.

(*) Vararent reserve the right to decide which reservation without the first day retainer will process.

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