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  • How to call to a national number? From cell phone to cell phone: dial the 8 digits cell phone number (i.e. 52642266) From cell phone to land line: dial the city code + phone number (i.e. 45 615555) From land line to cell phone: dial 0 (from Havana city) or 01 (from the rest of the cities) + the 8 digits cell phone number From land line... read more

  • The restrictions of communications from Cuba to the rest of the world are still very limited. Although the Cuban government has made some small changes in mobile rates and internet connections, the restrictions are still very palpable and the people cannot easily access to the internet. All of the communications are handed by ETECSA, the Cuban telecommunications company.... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Cuba Communications: Cell Phones, Land Lines and Internet Services guide of May 2014 for updated information. You may have heard about the real restrictions on communications with the exterior in Cuba. The country has peculiar regulations for the usage of communications. These restrictions are been relaxing and... read more