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  • At vararent.com we work hard to provide Varadero visitors with high quality and accurate photos of the rent houses all the time. We take the pictures by ourselves, but sometimes the rent house owner take the photos by himself and send them to us. Now all photos taken by us have a distinctive mark: Vararent Verified Photo. Photos with this mark, guarantee the... read more

  • Summer is the really peak season in Varadero. Lot of people come to visit from different countries during this time of the year, especially those with family in Cuba because most Cuban people are on holidays during the summer. Varadero gets lots of visitors from Cuba during the summer. Every weekend people from different Cuban cities comes to the most wanted beach in Cuba to... read more

  • We are glad to announce our Spanish version has changed to http://vararent.es. We have been using a subdomain for our Spanish site, now it has a top level domain. Visit vararent.es for ultimate rent houses in Varadero in Spanish language. Share this with your friends and let people know. We will redirect old links to the new .es domain for a while. Our mail email address... read more

  • Merry Christmas to all people in Varadero or willing to visit Varadero! Our most sincere congratulations to all clients who has made reservations during 2012! During this year we have helped lot of people from a dozen of countries to locate a vacation rental in Varadero, find the perfect rent house and have a relaxing trip. We will be on vacations this Christmas. Most of... read more

  • Recently we've updated Vararent, adding two pictures as the welcome pictures for each rent house. This new appeal makes easier to the visitor to capture the rent house environment with a faster look. Also some key features are highlighted: Privacy type, kitchen type, minimum stay and first day retainer requirement. These features are described the guide Rent House Description and... read more

  • Varadero receives lots of guests in rent houses every day, many of them just arrive at Varadero and then start looking an available rent house, while others who plan in advance look for an online reservation in specialized reservation websites like vararent. Making online rent house reservation for Varadero or Cuba could be a very successful experience or a very disappointing one,... read more

  • Few weeks ago we modified the rent house details page. How all the information is grouped into tabs for easy reading and comprehension? We hope it is more intuitive now, enjoy! We're launching a new tab next week for fast question and answers. We're trying to provide a mechanism for clients to ask a question and get a fast answer without using the booking form. These will be... read more

  • We will be on Vacations from August 1st 2012 to August 6th 2012. We will be unable to make reservations for this date. However, if you contact us before that date, we can arrange your reservation. You can still make contacts during that date for a future reservation, we will reply you after August 6th. Thanks for your understanding. If you're affected by this in... read more

  • We did a major update to the booking form (several server restarts were required to set it up, we apologize for the inconvinence if you were visiting the site trying to make a rent house reservation). The booking form is now more intuitive and shows more options with the intention to get more precise data to make a better work locating the rent house for you. We're open to any... read more