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  • Each year Cuba receive lot of tourists in different popular destinations like Varadero, Habana, Santa Clara, and other cities. Some guests arrive for the first to Cuba and decide to stay in a Hotel because they don’t know the advantages to rent out a house or a room, some guests without previous planning arrive to their destination and star looking for a place to stay and others... read more

  • Usually when someone in Cuba talk about rent, they refer to a private room (s) from an apartment or a house, sometimes the owners rent a private room within a home or apartment and sometimes (less common) an entire home (whether is apartment or house). In vararent we define all spaces as “rent houses” and specify in the house description if... read more

  • This guide is out of date, please refer to the Rent house description, features, reviews and other details guide for updated information. When locating the perfect rent house for your vacations at Varadero, you always review the rent house details page looking for all characteristics of the house like equipped kitchen, number of bedrooms, if air conditioner and... read more

  • Locating the rent house you want to stay during your vacations is just the start. After your request we start our day-to-day process making your reservation happens. In this guide we explain how this process works so you have a clear understanding of where are your reservation process and what’s next. 1- You Locate a Rent House in this Web Site ... read more

  • Paying the first day of the reservation is a tool and best practice used among rent house owners to make a commitment between the guest and the rent house owner and to make a warranty they will keep the reservation. When you make a reservation it’s verbally confirmed, and upon your arrival the rent house is free waiting for you. Sometimes the guest fails to come in the agreed... read more