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  • In Cuba there is no culture of vegetarian food and there aren’t specialized restaurants in that kind of meals because the Cuban likes eat meats, fishes, eggs, etc. The salads are always presents in the traditional Cuban food (If you want know more about Cuban Traditional Food check the section what to eat?), but isn’t common the vegetarian life style, that is why you can’t find... read more

  • Here are some restaurants you can visit in Varadero: from the popular Italian food to our tasty Creole food. These are not particular restaurants (owned by the state), here you will find their main specialty, the address and telephone number. Enjoy them and let us know which one was your favorite! 27 Varadero Restaurants (from 11th. Street to South Freeway km 8... read more

  • Walking Varadero The shape of the peninsula makes it easy to walk and to know where you are. The peninsula is long and slim; the entrance is for a bridge which continues with the Varadero's highway. Parallel to the highway there are 3 avenues: Beach Avenue (facing the north-west coast and the beach), 1st avenue (Main Avenue), 2nd avenue and 3rd avenue. Given the irregularities of the... read more